The Lost Butterfly FINALE

…..and his eyes landed on Melanie. He couldn’t believe his eyes. For a moment, they just stared at each other, transfixed and lost in time, totally tongue tied and not […]

The Lost Butterfly 6

“….his head hit a small metallic pole and he started bleeding immediately. Everyone rushed to his side and checked on him. The manager checked his pulse and it was weak […]

The Lost Butterfly 5

“She is married to another man” “She is what???” “She is someone else’s wife,” said Max as his head dropped down in embarrassment. His mom couldn’t believe her ears. She […]

The Lost Butterfly 4

…About 2 years ago, the two gentlemen had met in a hotel during breakfast. Maxwell, had gone there on a personal retreat to pray and seek God. His marriage was […]

The Lost Butterfly 3

“…..what I think you should do is….” She paused for a moment as she collected her thoughts to sum them up in one word. Melanie, sat there and waited expectantly […]

The Lost Butterfly 2

becoming real every other day. Both of them wanted to talk about it, but neither of them had the guts. They could sense the atmospheric twirl that enveloped them anytime […]

The Lost Butterfly 1

#TheLostButterflyMelanie and Maxwell are falling in love. Maxwell is a divorced father of 2 in his early forties. He caught his wife cheating red handed and that ended their 10 […]