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Tonny Gobanga aka TG , is the best at what he does. If you want candid truth thats real, raw and rogue then he is your guy! He is a man on a mission that seeks to change the world, one marriage at a time. He finds fulfilment in seeing marriages evolve into thriving entities that honor God and impact the community around them. He is a dynamic speaker and teacher of the word. 

He is married to Pastor Terry Gobanga who is the director and founder of Kara Olmurani.  They have 2 daughters. He is a pastor, author, speaker and marriage counselor and writes regularly on ‘Disruptive Marital Solutions’. 

He is passionate about rebuilding lives by encouraging people from all walks of life to rediscover and redefine themselves from the Bible.

His hobbies include art, music and basketball.


TG uses a unique tool to group marriages into 5 clusters that reflect your current status as a couple. His expertise then comes into play as he walks alongside you with the guidance of a coach as he helps you to manage your challenges see the possibilities of growth.

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Love that is expecting, loves without expecting. Tonny Gobanga uses unique tools drawn from God's word to curve out principles and pillars that can stand the test of time and the taste of terms that all of us carry along when we get married.


Tonny Gobanga is the lead Pastor of Stones To Rubies Ministries. He leads this ministry together with his wife Pastor Terry Gobanga that they founded in 2011 in Nairobi, Kenya.


Tonny Gobanga is a prolific author with a rare style that is honest and captivating. His books carry a common thread of rebuilding, restoration and renewal. He is currently working on titles to be released in the coming year.


“There isn’t any marriage that is beyond repair, we only have spouses who cannot see beyond the repair”, that’s just one of Tonny’s many quotes that he uses to coach and counsel many marriages across the globe. He brings in a wealth of experience spanning over 15 years with both dating and married couples. He has seen God heal marriages that were in the brink of separation and divorce and as other marriages thrive and blossom even in these modern times.  His unique methodology is disruptive while at the same time maintaining a deep anchor in the Bible that sobers up the willing mind and heart.

He is also a firm believer that many marriages break up before they even start because of inadequate preparation during dating and courtship. Some of the issues that couples grapple with in marriage are things that they could have discussed and aligned during courtship instead of waiting for the drumbeats of war during marriage. It’s for this reason that he takes engaged couples through a thorough premarital counseling that is designed to ‘stop them from getting married’ as they take time to ask themselves, ‘Are we really ready for marriage?



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